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For all of its open spaces, wide-open beauty and rich, diverse history, Texas has always lacked one thing: world class gravel roads. And as such, rally racing has struggled to find a home in Texas. Infatuated with the sport, Rally Ready founder Dave Carapetyan traveled the country starting in 2004 competing in rallies and learning what makes rally racing the most incredible sport on the planet. Each time the team would come home from a race, there was a collective yearning for a homegrown rally track here in Texas. So we decided to build it.

Our first classes were in Spring of 2012, but it wasn't until June 2015 that Rally Ready moved into our permanent home, the Rally Ranch. On 140 acres just 15 minutes east of Circuit of the Americas, the Rally Ranch is home to rally racing in Texas. With everything from wide open ranch pastures for consequence-free beginner lessons to narrow tree-lined rally stages with jumps, crests and blind corners, the Rally Ranch offers a sampling of world class terrain built specifically for the rally enthusiast.


The main 25 acres of the 140 acre Rally Ranch.


Grade, blade, rake, pack, roll, RALLY, repeat. We care for our dirt like a farmer, because like a farmer, our dirt is our livelihood. In order for you to have the perfect rally school, we must have the perfect dirt. Unlike a paved racetrack, which requires maintenance every few thousand laps or so, a rally track requires constant upkeep. The dirt, gravel, sand and mud ends up sprayed 50 feet from the track or often stuck to the bottom of the car. And to keep your lungs working, we run our water truck constantly for dust mitigation to make sure you go home with ample breath to tell everyone how much fun you had.




Most commonly known as Texas Dave (for some reason even in the state of Texas), Dave has been rallying and racing since 2004. His third race ever was the 2005 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. He's known more for his out of the car antics, often found imitating the voices of the stars of the WRC and narrating life in a movie trailer guy voice.


11-years' experience at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

2008, 2009, 2010 Pikes Peak Hill Climb Open Division Champion

2004 Production Class ClubRally National Champion



It was once joked that with a name like Shredder he was born to either be a race car driver or a fighter pilot. Well, his dad is a fighter pilot. And Fielding is a championship-contender in the Lone Star Drift series, finishing 3rd in the 2015 points, earning him his Formula Drift Pro2 license. Fielding has thoroughly earned his reputation of The Shredder at Rally Ready by quickly adopting his high-horsepower rear-wheel drive skills to become one of our top gravel-slaying instructors. A class favorite, Fielding has a knack for engaging drivers by throwing in an array of different exercises, activities and competitions to keep the whole class on their toes.



Danny got his start in motorsports by volunteering at autocross events and rallies in 2010. He started building M-Sport Ford FIesta R2's (WRC Academy cars) in 2011. With only 3 years of racing and instructing experience, he has quickly proven himself a highly competent driver and teacher. Danny has 12 rallies and counting under his belt as a driver, and in 2014 he entered the world of desert racing co-driving for the championship winning team RPM Offroad in the Trophy Truck class.


Rob has been co-driving in rally cars since 2002. He is co-founder of the Rally Ready Driving School and was the absolute driving force to get the school off the ground. Rob can still be found in the right seat periodically although most of his time is spent with his family and working tirelessly to improve his community. From the right seat, Rob has experience in SCCA ProRally, NASA Rally Sport, Canadian Rally Championship, and the World Rally Championship.



Josh has been rallying since 2003 when he was 17. He built his first rally car from his mom's 2002 WRX in his garage learning as he went along. From there, he attended Johns Hopkins University where he earned his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering before earning his Masters in Motorsport Engineering from Cranfield University in London. Josh has worked in just about every discipline of motorsport and has vast technical knowledge as an engineer and a driver.



Michael started racing back in 1998 in a local autocross. As many drivers do, he found himself wanting to slide a Subaru sideways on the gravel and along with some friends in Colorado, built a car and competed in his first rally in 2008. After moving to Texas, Michael has been able to keep his rally dreams alive by squeezing in some seat time and driver coaching alongside his peers at Rally Ready.



It wasn't until 2013 that Brian took his first swing at sliding sideways in the dirt. In his daily driven Honda Civic, he quickly found his footing and took to rally driving like a fish to water. His Rally Ready skills most recently earned him a Rallycross National Championship in 2WD.