A student on our advanced rally stage during day 3 of a Rally Ready University class.

We live Rally Racing.

There is nowhere else on earth quite like the Rally Ranch. As the first and only purpose-built rally racing facility in Texas, Rally Ready Driving School is designed from the ground up to take anybody with interest in the sport from where you are today to the skills to take on professional rallying in 3-days or less. 


Students and staff after an awesome 1-Day class. Photo: Brandon LaJoie


Rally Ready is a passionate and diverse group of motorsport professionals with background in rallying, desert racing, road racing and business. What brings us together is a common passion for learning, teaching, and empowering our students, whether their goals are recreational or professional. As accomplished drivers, we understand what makes rallying so special and we have worked for over 6 years to put together the best facility in the world, in order to share the sights, sounds, smells and feels of rally racing. In 2009, the team first conceptualized the Rally Ready Driving School and after several years of planning and training, Rally Ready taught our inaugural class in the spring of 2012. 


"The team you are part of is remarkable.  We're novices, even as spectators.  We were worried.  In an industry such as racing, we were a little afraid that we would meet blustering, arrogant, swaggering, down-talking specimens that couldn't carry a thought in a pail.  (Yeah.  Sorry about that.)  But your team is .... just.... remarkable.  To a man, they were smart and funny and capable and efficient and each as concerned as the next with a good day for all." 

- C Stamper


This. City. Rules.

Located just outside the hustling, bustling mecca for fun that is Austin, TX, the Rally Ranch offers a range of experiences to fit any budget, and we're a great excuse to plan your Austin trip. Questions about your stay in Central Texas? Call us! We're those rare, elusive born-and-raised "Natives" you've heard about.

Preparation is everything.

Our instructors are experienced, championship winning racers with a variety of background and experience from off-road to drifting, circle track to rally. Our facility is fresh, never frozen (except for those rare and brief Texas winters) grade-A Texas groomed dirt. We take our dirt serious 'round here.

Something for everyone.*

*who likes to have fun

Whether you've never heard of rallying or you've been dreaming of sliding sideways since the Group B days, we have a class, experience, or event to get you behind the wheel no matter what your experience level or budget.