2005 Cadillac CTS-V 6-Speed Manual- $6500 *SOLD*

*SOLD!* Sorry, somebody else gets to be the 8th owner on this LS6-powered party rig.
Ok so why do I own a Cadillac CTS-V? Honestly, because I get bad ideas and Facebook Marketplace is just always there like taunting me. And when I found a CTS-V for $8500 on Marketplace, I couldn't resist. I talked to the dude and then one of my buddies drove down to Houston to pick it up.

That's where it gets extra exciting. First, the dude is as sketchy as you'd expect for a well used Cadillac purchase in Houston to be, and he can't meet until far past a savory hour to be doing dealings.

Then, he loads up the car and tries to hand my guys a title that's been reassigned 3 times. Bless his heart. I offer him way less and tell him I'll pay him the rest when he gets the title sorted.

Guess how well that went for me?

So now I have this CTS-V that is WAY too clean for what I paid for it, but has a 2 page list of sauce leaks that need to be fixed.

So what do I do? I put it in the back lot until we have time to work on it.

But who am I kidding? Am I going to work on the CTS-V? Or am I going to work on an AE86. Oh, neither. I'm gonna barely keep the fleet of 25 cars we're already running alive and keep taking good care of our clients.

So, the Cadillac is yours for what I have in it. Good luck!

$6500 come get it.

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