"Just a burn-your-pants-off good time!  

Dave and his crew of skilled instructors bring tons of real-life racing experience to a racing school environment, and even though I've never raced cars before, they made the learning experience a total blast from start to finish.  

I did the 1-day class, and I really wish I'd done at least 2 days with them -- it was that good.

But in one day I got tons of seat time learning and mastering the essential skills of off-road racing, with patient, experienced instructors in the seat next to me, in at least 5 different cars.  Our class of 7 people had zero experience racing before, and we were all drifting through turns, flooring it through corners, power braking and kicking up rooster tails of dirt with huge grins plastered our faces the whole time!

Highly recommend this incredibly professional team of racing teachers, who really stick with you to make sure you learn the skills and have a complete blast while you're doing it.  I'll definitely be going back for more of this killer experience :)"

- Dr. Dan B.


Our rally experience gives you the thrills and spills of professional rally racing in a fun, efficient, easy to digest format. If you're new to motorsport or rallying and just want to get your feet wet, this is the class for you. We promise that we will do everything we can to make you want to come back for more.

Lessons / Format

-Classroom introduction

-Straight line braking (2 laps)

-Figure 8 (6 laps)

-Junior Slalom (4 laps)

-Lap of the Rally Ranch Special Stage (1 lap)

What you'll learn:

-Intro to left-foot braking

-Proper hand position

-Threshold braking

-Traction sensing

-Rally vision

If you're committed to learning car control, our half-day clinic will give you twice as much seat time as our 2.5 hour class and give you a solid foundation on which to develop your rally and racing skills. Perfect for the avid autocrosser who wants to improve their car control, the Lone Star Rallycross competitor who wants to make it those last couple spots to the top of the podium or the motorsport enthusiast who just wants to know how it's done, the half day rally clinic is the wildest time you can have before lunch!

Lessons / Format

-Classroom introduction to Left Foot Braking

-Classroom vehicle dynamics discussion

-Straight line braking (4 laps)

-Condensed Skidpad (6 laps)

-Figure 8 (9 laps)

-Short Slalom, intro to weight transfer (6 laps)

-2 laps around the Rally Ranch Special Stage!

What you'll learn:

-Basic left-foot braking

-Proper hand position

-Threshold braking

-Traction sensing

-Rally vision

-Aquarium Technique

-Basic rally weight transfer techniques



Our premier driver training program, Rally Ready University offers intense driver training in a one to three-day format so you can become a professional gravel-slaying machine. Our University program builds an immensely solid foundation on which to develop your skills in rallying or racing of any sort. The seat time in our 3-day rally school is equivalent to more than an entire season of professional rallying but unlike a race, you have professional instructors teaching you the right habits, breaking the wrong ones and helping you to make, correct and realize mistakes so that when you hit the rally stages, it's all muscle memory. On all four days of class, lunch is included. Meals are prepared fresh in-house with locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Vegetarian, gluten-free and other options are available upon request.

Day 1 focuses on traction sensing and basic weight transfer. Here, we teach what we call the Aquarium Technique for managing smooth weight transfer.


Lessons / Format

-Classroom introduction to rallying, share with us your goals

-Classroom vehicle dynamics and rally driving instruction

-Straight line braking: traction sensing and threshold braking

-Skidpad exercise. Finding, reducing and eliminating understeer.

-Figure 8: Weight transfer, corner exit and corner entry.

-Intro to Slalom


What you'll learn:

-Left-foot braking fundamentals: traction sensing, threshold braking, basic cornering.

-Proper hand position

-Rally vision

-Aquarium Technique

-Rally weight transfer techniques

Day 2 takes everything you learn in day 1 and adds high speed, finite weight transfer on a dynamic slalom. We finish the day with introduction and mastery of the pendulum turn or Scandinavian Flick. No, seriously, you can learn to Scandinavian Flick in two days!

Lessons / Format

-Classroom recap of day 1, intro to day 2

-Low speed slalom

-High speed and dynamic slalom

-Classroom pendulum turn preparation

-Pendulum turn exercise

What you'll learn:

-Advanced left-foot braking

-High speed corner entry

-Advanced weight transfer

-Fancy footwork: Scandinavian Flick

-Rally line

-Driving what you see


Two words: SEAT TIME. Day 3 is all about muscle memory. Take what you've learned and drill it home. Build more speed, make smaller corrections, dial in your inputs. Day 3 is when it really gels and you'll find yourself habitually doing things you couldn't dream of two days before.

Lessons / Format

-Classroom recap of day 2

-Classroom stage rally discussion

-Advanced rally course

-Dynamic, blind corner

-Intro to stage notes

-Handbrake turns

-Timed laps around advanced rally course

-AWD Turbo ridealong

What you'll learn:

-Handbrake turns

-Advanced rally vision, looking corners ahead

-Processing pace notes, working with a co-driver

-Linking corners

-4WD vehicle dynamics (everything happens faster!)