Most commonly known as Texas Dave (for some reason even in the state of Texas), Dave has been rallying and racing since 2004. His third race ever was the 2005 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and he has been back every year since, some years fielding two cars. He's known more for his out of the car antics, often found imitating the voices of the stars of the WRC and narrating life in a movie trailer guy voice.


11-years experience at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

2008, 2009, 2010 Pikes Peak Hill Climb Open Division Champion

2004 Production Class ClubRally National Champion

Fielding Shredder Rally Ready

Fielding is an accomplished drifter with over 10 years of car control experience. New to rally, Fielding fell in love with the sport in 2014 and has been using his experience getting sideways in drifting to help people conquer their fear of the slip angle. Fielding's natural ability to understand each student's needs and abilities was clear early on and led him to take over as lead instructor in 2015.

David Moss Rally Ready Driving School

After serving 8 years in the Marine Corps, David joined the Rally Ranching ranks and set an unprecedented benchmark for performance inside and outside of the car. An avid rally enthusiast and stage rally driver, if David isn't at the ranch or in school, he's sitting at home watching rally videos obsessively studying the art of car control.

Hawk Miller Rally Ready Driving School

I know you're starting to think we only hire people with cool names, but I think it has more to do with the fact that people with cool names end up leading cool lives. And Hawk is no exception. Hawk started rallying at just 16 years old and is quite comfortable and handy behind the wheel of a rally car. Hawk's full time gig is running his speed shop and Jeep rental company, MYE Jeep out of Sedona, AZ. But he can never stay away too long so you never know when you'll get to go flying around the track with our resident raptor.

Danny Grant Rally Ready Driving School

Danny got his start in motorsport by volunteering at autocross events and rallies in 2010. He started building M-Sport Ford Fiesta R2's (WRC Academy cars) in 2011. He has since amassed a wealth of racing and instructing experience and has quickly proven himself a highly competent driver and teacher. Danny has 12 rallies and counting under his belt as a driver, and in 2014 he entered the world of desert racing co-driving for the championship winning team RPM Offroad in the Trophy Truck class.

Nathan Amstutz Rally Ready Driving School

Nathan is the prodigal son. Arriving as a student, Nathan was exceptionally proficient not just at learning car control but adapting and helping work with other students during his class. After a while of helping around the ranch and shadowing our instructors, Nathan began instructing in 2016 and has been a favorite of students and staff alike.

Brian DeFrees Rally Ready Driving School

Brian, or Freeze as we like to call him, began rallycrossing in 2012 and promptly went on to a SCCA National Championship in 2014 behind the wheel of his Honda Civic SI. He's an exceptional talent behind the wheel and when he's not in the car, he's on a variety of adventures that he shares on his Triplapser YouTube channel.

Robin Winter Rally Ready Driving School

Robin spent a decade playing Richard Burns Rally before he ever took the wheel of a rally car. He is the proof positive that simulators are magic. His first time behind the wheel, Rob adapted to the g-forces and was sliding a rally car like a retired professional. A landscape architect by day, Rob joined the team in 2016 as an instructor and can be found at the ranch most weekends either driving or working on his Subaru rally car. You can also thank him for that fancy sitemap at the top of the page.

Rob Amato Rally Ready Driving School

Rob has been co-driving in rally cars since 2002. He is co-founder of the Rally Ready Driving School and was the absolute driving force to get the school off the ground. Rob can still be found in the right seat periodically although most of his time is spent with his family and working tirelessly to improve his community. 

Josh Chang Rally Ready Driving School Instructor

Josh has been rallying since 2003 when he was 17. He built his first rally car from his moms 2002 WRX in his garage learning as he went along. From there, he attended Johns Hopkins University where he earned his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering before earning his Masters in Motorsport Engineering from Cranfield University in London. Josh has worked in just about every discipline of motorsport and has vast technical knowledge as an engineer and a driver.