moto ride days

Tucked into the 80 acre woods on our 140 acre ranch is 5 miles of the wildest, most technical terrain in Central Texas for motorcycles. Our moto ride days run from 9am to 4pm in 45 minute intervals alternating motorcycles and UTVs. 



What Vehicles are Allowed


Any motorcycle equipped with knobby dirt tires is allowed to participate. 

Helmet - Snell rated with Snell sticker attached. Chin strap must use D-ring fasteners only, no snap or velcro straps permitted.
All riders must wear full protective clothing. Long sleeve shirts, gloves, pants, and motorcycle boots. Full motocross gear strongly suggested.
All riders will wear shatter resistant eye protection at all times.


Side by sides are allowed with the following equipment:

DOT Approved Helmet
First Aid Kit.
Fire Extinguisher
Tow Strap
Window Nets or Arm Restraints for driver and passenger
Long sleeve shirt, full length pants, and closed toed shoes required.

Suggested additional equipment: Roll cage with side intrusion protection, racing seats, 5/6 point harnesses, Head & neck restraint, gloves, fire suit.


Track layout is always a minimum of 2 miles in length with varying terrain and technical obstacles added depending on weather, season, and number of participants. For specific event details, check out our event listings at or give us a call at 512 394 3652.