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While the Rally Ranch is fun through the windshield, its beauty is unmatched under the stars. Over the spring of 2020, while we enjoyed the majesty of the Rally Ranch, we realized there were many people stuck in their homes and apartments who weren't so fortunate to be able to experience the tranquility of a night at the ranch. So we got to mowing and trimming, and we cleared some beautiful sites in our 80 acre forest.

Pitch a tent, stay a while! We're open for camping (weather permitting) from September through May and have a variety of sites to choose from:


  • Car camping primitive sites - While our car camping sites don't directly accomodate parking at your campsite, most are less than a 50' walk to your campsite.
  • Walk-in primitive sites - A bit off the beaten path, our walk-in sites provide a bit more privacy than the car camping sites and require a bit of hiking on our network of hiking and mountain biking trails.
  • Overland primitive sites - Want to drive your 4X4 directly into your site and pop up your rooftop tent? These are the sites for you.



  • This is a family friendly campground meant to be meditative and relaxing. Loud music and disruptive behavior is not welcome. Please be respectful of your neighbors camping experience. 
  • Alcohol is permitted but please be responsible. 
  • There are wild animals (hogs, deer, coyotes, mountain lions, skunks, snakes, raccoons, turkeys, Texas Dave, bobcats (both the bitey kind and the kind that move dirt), and the occasional stray horse or cow. Please be respectful of all wildlife and keep your distance.
  • Keep your trash together at all times. Pack out what you pack in. 
  • There is a community fire pit and cooking area at the Cedar's Palace campground. Please clean any utensils, facilities, and equipment you use before leaving.
  • Gathering firewood is permitted so long as you ONLY use fallen ground wood and are mindful of the potential impacts on wildlife habitats. If you see wood neatly lining a trail or in a pile somewhere, please don't disturb it.
  • You are welcome to the toilets and showers at the Ranch House and you're welcome to do your 1's and 2's in the woods. If you choose to use the woods, please bring a shovel and bury your bidness. Pack out your TP and wet wipes. If I we find a pile of poo with some TP on top of it, we're going to take a DNA test and come find you. Don't be gross.
  • Don't be a dingus, please. We do this because we love it and it really takes the wind out of our sails to have our lovely evening camping ruined because somebody thinks it's their personal party town. Be a good neighbor and we'll love you forever.

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