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We're limiting early memberships to alumni and folks in our Rally Ranch community but please send us a message letting us know if you're interested and we'll get in touch ASAP.

To apply, shoot us a message and tell us why you'd be a great fit, which Mario Kart character is your go to and why. If we like what we see we'll reach out for a more formal application.


seat time, seat time, seat time

no matter what you're driving

your own private getaway

Imagine a track so fun, your kids and your partner want to go just as much as you do. That’s the Rally Ranch.

At most race tracks, the fun starts with the green flag and ends at the checker. We’re here to make sure the before and after are just as much fun. With regular member activities and events, we want you to be a part of making the Rally Ranch your ultimate playground.

Have an activity or amenity you think we should invest in? Give us a call or shoot us a message and we’ll see if it’s on our development plan!

Eligibility Requirements

Must be Rally Ready Alumni with a minimum of 1 day of Private Training or 2 days or more group Rally School

Completion of Member Orientation Day 

Not a pain in the ass. IE in good standing with the Rally Ranch (no red card violations on record).

Represents/aligns with our core values.

Submitted an application for membership.

Must love dogs. I guess, technically, you don't have to love them. But there's a lot of dogs around the ranch and severe allergies may be difficult to accommodate, although we're happy to keep the Ranch dogs put up for those that don't like the stinky mutts.

Choose from 3 membership options

All of our memberships offer open track days a minimum of 30 Saturdays per year.

Silver offers limited Saturday access for a discounted rate with limited community and discounts. This package is for the budget minded weekend warrior who just wants to get on track consistently.

Gold offers all benefits including track access on Saturdays AND full facility access Wednesday for more advanced tracks. Gold also offers deeper discounts on private training and facility rental options.

Corporate plans offer Gold tier amenities in corporate packages for multiple members.


Race cars are just the beginning

2021 season amenity upgrades include 

- RV camping and hookups

- Co-working space

- Covered pavilion at the Off-Road Track

- Community Garden plots

And much, much more as membership increases!

Schedule a Visit

304 Blue Jay Rd

Dale, TX 78616


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