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What Is Rally

Today, rallying takes on many forms. From the glitz and glam of the prestigious Monte Carlo Rally and the World Rally Championship all the way down to the grassroots SCCA Rallycross, the art of loose surface car control covers a vast array of series' and sports both domestically and internationally. Rallying has been around since the dawn of the automobile. The first automobile competitions were grand events from city to city across countries and eventually continents. The drivers were daring pilots who threw caution to the wind and pushed themselves and their fragile vehicles to the absolute limit. Eventually, as cars grew faster, the navigator and co-driver began to play a more critical role describing the course to the driver in vivid detail with a set of specially prepared instructions called Pace Notes.

World Rally Championship

WRC is what hooks most of us on the sport of rally. It is the fastest cars, the fastest drivers and the fastest co-drivers racing competing on the best rally stages on earth.

Rally America

The Rally America National Championship is the premiere stage rally series in North America. It is classic rallying at its finest.

NASA Rally Sport

The National Auto Sport Association hosts some of the best organized and most fun rallies in the country. NASA offers regional events as well as their own rally National Championship and focuses a lot on driver education.

Global Rallycross

In the U.S., Rallycross has traditionally been the same format as an autocross but on dirt. In 2011 we found out that not all rallycross was created equal. Global Rallycross is 6 cars wheel-to-wheel on a half paved, half unpaved circuit battling for top honors about as politely as a bar fight. It's a wild spectacle.


Below are a couple of our favorite videos that most accurately represent the epicness of our sport. Easier Said Than Done, a rally documentary by our friend and 2WD rally champ Matt Johnston, is a favorite and a beautiful look into the reality of what this sport is like.


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