Rally Ready UTV Short Course


Get in the drivers seat of our fleet of Artic Cat Wildcat XX's and Yamaha YXZ's on our UTV Short Course. Rip berms, slide corners, and take these things off some mega sweet jumps on our 3/4 mile short course. It's like heading to the go kart track. Except you're in the air. And covered in dirt. Going 50+ mph. Sideways. And it's way better. So, basically, it's nothing like the go kart track.

The UTV Short Course offers 5 laps of our 3/4 mile track. Add on a UTV Trail Ride through our forest rally stages and you're up to your elbows in yee haws.

Availability is seasonal and limited, please contact us if you see no dates available.

Minimum Age: 16
Pre-Requisite: None
Maximum Group Size: 30


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