The Taste of Rally Experience

For anyone interested in checking out who we are and what we do at the Rally Ranch, here's your chance! 

Event starts at 10:30 AM with an outdoor classroom discussion on basic safety briefing and instruction on how to stay safe during the day.

From there, we'll give you a lap of driving and a lap with an instructor for our 2 core exercises:

- Straight Line Braking, Left Foot Braking in a straight line

- Skidpad, Left Foot Braking to manage speed through corners

Our instructors will then show you what we do in our advanced exercises, as we start to pick up speed.

- Figure 8, linking corners together with Left Foot Braking, low speed

- Slalom, linking corners together with Left Foot Braking, high speed

Once you've gotten to check out what makes the magic happen, we'll take you for a ride through our Pond Loop and infield rally stages and finish the day out with a ride through the Rally Ranch trails to check out the rest of the tracks in our fleet of Textron Wildcat UTVs.

Price is $200/per person.

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Aerial View of the Rally Ranch

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