Off Road & SxS Rally Ready Driving School

Off-Road & sxs Test & Tune

Ready to push your Ford Raptor, pre-runner, or side by side a bit harder than you can get away with on the street? Then look no further than our Off-Road Test & Tune! With a variety of different track configurations on our 140 acres, the Off Road Test & Tune will give you the opportunity to push your desert racing skills in a safe, closed-circuit environment with a variety of different whoops, jumps, berms, and ruts to simulate a diverse array of off-road terrain. The more dirt you throw, the better the track will get, so join us today for some rough, rutty, off-road awesomeness. 

Moto Rally Ready Driving School


Tucked into the Back 80 at the Rally Ranch is 5 miles of some of the most technical, challenging, and engaging riding in Central Texas. And we're aiming to open it up for you to ride as often as we can. Hill climbs, step ups, rock gardens, and narrow, knuckle busting rips through the trees are all part of the experience. Events are split into 45 minute ride groups alternating for Motorcycles and Side by Sides from 9am to 4pm.

Rally Ready Driving School


The most affordable way to get into the seat of a rally car is SCCA Rallycross, and the Rally Ranch is the most exceptional rallycross track in the country. Unlike most SCCA Rallycross tracks, the Rally Ranch uses real roads designed and built to replicate the roads of the World Rally Championship. Race your own car on a variety of different track layouts at the Rally Ranch on our head to head Super Special-Style rallycross, 10 laps per driver at 2 min each. Bring your car or rent one of ours with several to choose from. It's the best value for seat time anywhere in the sport.

Rally Ready Driving School


So you've been to rally school, you've built or bought a rally car, and now you're ready to head into the woods and slide between the trees. All the thrills of professional stage rallying without the transits and long hauls, you'll get to experience a variety of real rally stages run throughout the 138-Acre Rally Ranch in your own caged rally car. Caged rally cars are required. Contact us for more details on vehicle eligibility.