Stage 2 Rally Clinic Rally Driving School

If you're committed to learning car control, our half-day clinic will give you twice as much seat time as our 2.5 hour class and give you a solid foundation on which to develop your rally and racing skills. Perfect for the avid autocrosser who wants to improve their car control, the Lone Star Rallycross competitor who wants to make it those last couple spots to the top of the podium or the motorsport enthusiast who just wants to know how it's done, the half day rally clinic is the wildest time you can have after lunch!  This class takes place from 1:00pm to 5:00pm on specified dates. 


What you'll learn:

-Basic left-foot braking

-Proper hand position

-Threshold braking

-Traction sensing

-Rally vision

-Aquarium Technique

-Basic rally weight transfer techniques

Lessons / Format

-Classroom introduction to Left Foot Braking

-Classroom vehicle dynamics discussion

-Straight line braking (4 laps)

-Condensed Skidpad (6 laps)

-Figure 8 (9 laps)

-Short Slalom, intro to weight transfer (6 laps)

-2 laps around the Rally Ranch Special Stage!