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For all of its open spaces, wide-open beauty and rich, diverse history, Texas has always lacked one thing: world class gravel roads. And as such, rally racing has struggled to find a home in Texas.

Infatuated with the sport, Rally Ready founder Dave Carapetyan traveled the country starting in 2004 competing in rallies and learning what makes rally racing the most incredible sport on the planet. Each time the team would come home from a race, there was a collective yearning for a homegrown rally track here in Texas.

So we decided to build it.

Our first classes were in Spring of 2012, but it wasn't until June 2015 that Rally Ready moved into our permanent home, the Rally Ranch. On 140 acres just 15 minutes east of Circuit of the Americas, the Rally Ranch is home to rally racing in Texas. With everything from wide open ranch pastures for consequence-free beginner lessons to narrow tree-lined rally stages with jumps, crests and blind corners, the Rally Ranch offers a sampling of world class terrain built specifically for the rally enthusiast.

first classes
moved to the rally ranch

June 2015 saw us begin a lease on 137 acres in Dale, Tx. We purchased the land at the end of that least in 2020.


The hallmark of a good rally driver is the ability to adapt to changing vehicle dynamics and conditions. We believe that any serious driver training program puts people in as many vehicles as possible. Our fleet of AWD, RWD, and FWD vehicles will allow you to refine your ability to communicate with the car, and adapt your driving to any conditions.

the hangar

Our workshop is a restored WW2 airplane hangar from Bergstrom Air Force Base. We purchased it in 2018 and built it during the pandemic in 2020, and it is easily the most iconic part of the Rally Ranch. Inside, we handle not only the maintenance on our fleet of school cars, but have a fully equipped shop building race and rally cars. If you're in the market, come see what we can build for you.

the ranch house

Enjoy a Rally Ranch latte on the bar top of our vista view porch as you watch the morning mist rise off of Lake Lasek. Or stay for a home cooked lunch while you watch cars slide through the Pond Loop rally stage. Either way, there will be puppies to pet (and sometimes adopt) and friends to be made in the Rally Ranch House.

the rally ranch

304 Blue Jay Rd

Dale, TX 78616

Hours by appointment only. Contact us if you'd like to schedule a visit.

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