Heck yes we do!  We LOVE corporate events. Please give us a call at 512 394 3652 ext 1 so we can chat about options for your group.

You drive our cars. We have a fleet of Subarus, Hondas, Mazdas, and the occasional BMW.

Members have access to drive their own cars on our tracks, for more information about memberships, shoot us an email at or give us a call at 512 394 3652 ext1.

No, the ARA (American Rally Association) does not currently require points for its licensing. Regardless, by taking a class you'll get more seat time with one of our world class coaches than you would get in seat time alone in a ARA event for not much more than the cost of the entry fee alone.

Racing is extremely expensive whether you choose autocross, rallycross, oval racing, drag racing or motorcycles. With that in mind, our mission is very simple. To grow the sport and allow people of all ages to experience the thrill of professional rally racing. In order to make it as accessible as possible, what we offer in our classes is a fraction of the cost of anything else out there. The amount of seat time for the cost is unparalleled.

Example: a Pro National Championship Rally is over $1500 just for the entry fee. Factor in the cost of a race car, truck, trailer, towing it across the country, rally tires, safety equipment, food, hotel and flights and you're looking at a lot of money. Rally Ready gives you the same amount of seat time but WITH professional instruction in even our most entry-level classes. When you start looking at the amount of seat time you get in three and four days of training, its nearly as much seat time as you might get in an entire season.

There aren't guardrails, sand traps, water barriers and corner workers in rally like there is in other forms of racing. There are trees and cliffs. All it takes is one small mistake in a rally to damage or destroy your race car. Learning how to drive at the limit in a rally car and achieving true muscle memory, instinctive control is the best way to safely get behind the wheel in a rally car. Getting into rallying and learning as you go works for some people, but the amount of money you save by having a resource of skilled and experienced drivers at your disposal is invaluable. We've probably already made the mistake you might want to make, let us save you the trouble.

There are a number of resources we will talk about in the class and as part of our Rally Ready Alumni community. We'll always be around to answer questions and help you get on the right track whether that means helping you build or buy a used rally car, or simply rent one of our stage prepped cars as an arrive and drive for an ARA event. In fact, sometimes we'll go to rallies just to support our students! We also host private classes that focus on the other aspects of the sport required to get a successful start in rallying such as co-driving, event preparation, etc. Let us know if you're interested in that and we'll reach out to help you figure our your next steps!

More than anywhere else.Our method is to tell you what we're going to do briefly in a classroom, show you by driving the car, and then put you in the driver’s seat and have you do it. That means we talk about it for about 10 minutes, show you for about five minutes and each lesson you will spend anywhere from 1 to 5 hours perfecting. We have trained at rally schools ourselves and found that often times people want to put you in cool cars and let you drive fast but don't have a vested interest in helping you develop the muscle memory skills to go rallying. Not us. We have never had a student who could last the entire day until the sun went down and still want to drive. We'll turn your arms to jello and burn up your left-foot braking calf. The amount of seat time you get in our cars is unprecedented and incomparable to anywhere else. You will be at speed, on the course learning with an experienced and relaxed instructor for hours and hours a day. When you get up to speed, we will observe you from outside the car and give you a chance to drive without an instructor leaning over your shoulder. Our one day class is more seat time than a single rally and a 3-day class is about as much seat time as an entire season of rally. Seriously!

Yes, you can. We recommend you start with the 2-day class as the first two days really work together to achieve the muscle memory you're after. When you're ready to continue your training, private training is the best move from that point on as we can tailor the curriculum/training to your specific goals and needs.

A lot! We believe that the only way to truly achieve muscle memory skills is to develop the ability to get into any vehicle and quickly find its limit. Right out of the gate for our first exercise you'll find yourself in turbo, all-wheel drive Subaru WRX's as well as front-wheel drive and occasionally rear-wheel drive cars. For our Skidpad and Figure 8 exercises, we'll move to front-wheel drive cars for the foundation of the lessons and add in all-wheel drive as you progress. Front-wheel drive is a proven method for developing champion rally drivers and the standard for all feeder series around the world. R2, R3 and Super 1600 rally cars have been the standard for driver development for decades. In fact, Sebastien Loeb once entered a WRC rally in a front-wheel drive car and nearly won overall. The corner entry dynamics of a front-wheel drive car are similar to that of an AWD turbo rally car with one important distinction: anybody can look fast and feel like a superhero in an AWD turbo machine.

If you’re flying in, airport hotels are super convenient, and downtown Austin is great if you want to have some night life.  If  you’re driving in from Houston or from the East, Lockhart or Bastrop are decent options. Pretty much wherever you find lodging, our facility is a 30-45 minute drive.

Unfortunately we don't do training in personal vehicles, especially high center of gravity vehicles. We do have an Off Road Track day you can attend though. Its $100 for the day and you can jump that bad boy until the wheels fall off.

Driver training is the single most impactful upgrade you can make to any car. You should do driver training first before worying about adding power to your car. Make yourself faster before making the car faster and focus on being able to outdrive the car before upgrading it. Driver training will increase your speed while also making you a lot safer.

Plus, ARA requires restrictor plates on all novice turbo cars anyway, so you'd really just be burning the money on that fancy new spinny boi.

There are no guarantees in racing, and it's unfortunately not a career you just choose.  99% of people that race are doing it at a great personal expense and are not getting paid to do it. We would love to talk about your hopes, dreams, goals, etc and see what we can do to get you as close as possible.

Sure do!  We can put together a Rally Experience with Thrill rides and BBQ for your group, or we can do a 2 hour Rally Clinic. Give us a call at 512 394 3652 ext 1 and we can talk through options.