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For all of its open spaces, wide-open beauty and rich, diverse history, Texas has always lacked one thing: world class gravel roads. And as such, rally racing has struggled to find a home in Texas. Infatuated with the sport, Rally Ready founder Dave Carapetyan traveled the country starting in 2004 competing in rallies and learning what makes rally racing the most incredible sport on the planet. Each time the team would come home from a race, there was a collective yearning for a homegrown rally track here in Texas. So we decided to build it.

Our first classes were in Spring of 2012, but it wasn't until June 2015 that Rally Ready moved into our permanent home, the Rally Ranch. On 140 acres just 15 minutes east of Circuit of the Americas, the Rally Ranch is home to rally racing in Texas. With everything from wide open ranch pastures for consequence-free beginner lessons to narrow tree-lined rally stages with jumps, crests and blind corners, the Rally Ranch offers a sampling of world class terrain built specifically for the rally enthusiast.


Aerial View of the Rally Ranch

Grade, blade, rake, pack, roll, RALLY, repeat. We care for our dirt like a farmer, because like a farmer, our dirt is our livelihood. In order for you to have the perfect rally school, we must have the perfect dirt. Unlike a paved racetrack, which requires maintenance every few thousand laps or so, a rally track requires constant upkeep. The dirt, gravel, sand and mud ends up sprayed 50 feet from the track or often stuck to the bottom of the car. And to keep your lungs working, we run our water truck constantly for dust mitigation to make sure you go home with ample breath to tell everyone how much fun you had.

Meet the team

It takes a diverse team of very passionate and talented individuals to deliver all the skids, laughs, and high fives we're known for.


Most commonly known as Texas Dave (for some reason even in the state of Texas), Dave has been rallying and racing since 2004. His third race ever was the 2005 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb where he competed for 11 straight years stacking 3 consecutive class wins. Dave has raced in New Zealand, won the Baja 500, and driven more WRC stages in rental cars than any other Texan in history.. probably. He's known more, however, for his out of the car antics, often found imitating the voices of the stars of the WRC and narrating life in a movie trailer guy voice.

Clio Kahvaliu

Clio is Rally Ready's Chief Operations Officer and resident musician. Originally from Brazil, Clio left her music career to come to the states and eventually found her way to Rally Ready where she helped implement systems that allow all of Dave's crazy ideas to actually happen.

Rob Winter

Rob wears a lot of hats at Rally Ready. Rob is our GM and Lead Instructor, does graphic design, and acts as MC for most of our events. If you've called or emailed us, you've probably talked to him about how to come chuck some skids.

Derric Throne

Derric is Rally Ready's shop manager and rally team crew chief. Derric has also been a codriver since 2016 and has participated in 12 rallies, securing 7 podiums.

Dusty Peterke

Dusty is our shop wizard, and has transformed our ability to improve our fleet of training cars and to take on client builds. capable of swapping a Subaru engine in 1.5 hours and creating wiring harnesses from scratch.

Robert Judge

Robert maintains the entire fleet of Rally Ready school cars as well as offering his skills and expertise on the rally team, as needed. There was a time when he thought building a RWD drift Legacy was a good idea, but he opted to just get a mullet instead.

Aharon Adams

Aharon has a background in drifting and previously owned his own mechanic shop. He currently splits his time between the shop and instructing.

Rodger Mc Collister

Rodger is truly a jack of all trades. He is our facilities manager, dog whisperer, wrap layer, mechanic, and all around gentle giant.

Bucky Lasek

Bucky is our resident fisherman and turtle whisperer. He is responsible for monitoring the health of the bass in Lake Lasek. Bucky can often be found 30' in the air doing yoga poses.

Andy Cowan


Jon Moeller


Mikey Bowlin


Derek Allen


Brian Maskrey


Fielding Shredder



In driver training, your vehicles are like your tool box. A whole toolbox of the same vehicles is great for getting people through the program, but we believe that real driver training comes from creating adaptable drivers with a wide range of aptitude in a variety of different vehicles. Not just one or two different cars. So whether you're coming for a 1-day, 2-day, 2-day Advanced Rally School, or one-on-one private coaching, we've got the variety of vehicles to ensure you're not just a one-trick pony!

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