Our classes are the heart of the Rally Ranch. 

No experience Necessary - Come as you are whether you've never seen a clutch pedal before or you're an experienced pro driver. We scale our curriculum to fit the needs of each student to maximize the value of your experience. We've taught everyone from brand new drivers to current Formula One competitors, and everybody in between. You may not be the fastest driver we've ever seen but you're sure not the slowest, either!
Choosing a class is as simple as deciding how much seat time you're looking for and how much time and money you want to spend. Our 1-day and 2-day class formats are all similar, each just increases the seat time and lesson detail of the previous. The 1-day rally school is a great place to get comfortable with left-foot braking and develop foundation skills. The 2-day rally school and 2-day advanced rally school are more intense with a focus on individual skill mastery, muscle memory, and tailored instruction to apply these skills to whatever car, discipline, or level you plan on taking your driving to. Again, all of our one and two classes are a great fit for both beginners and pros alike as we'll tailor each exercise to your skill level. Everyone is welcome.
To sign up for our group classes, choose a class and date from the options below, or call us at 512 394 3652 to schedule your private class. We look forward to seeing you soon in the dirt!
2 Day Rally School

2 Day Rally School

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Our 2-Day Rally School includes all the same lessons as our 1-Day Rally School on day 1 and adds new skills, higher speeds, and even more seat time. On day 2 you'll take everything you learned on day 1 and add high speed weight transfer on a dynamic slalom. We finish the day with introduction and mastery of the pendulum turn/Scandinavian Flick. No, seriously, you can learn to Scandinavian Flick in two days!


  • Classroom introduction to rallying, share your experience and goals so we can tailor the program to suit.
  • Classroom discussion of vehicle dynamics and rally driving
  • Left-foot braking fundamentals
  • Proper hand position
  • Rally vision
  • Aquarium Technique
  • Rally weight transfer techniques
  • Straight line braking: traction sensing and threshold braking
  • Skidpad: Finding, reducing and eliminating understeer
  • Figure 8: Weight transfer, corner exit and corner entry.
  • Slalom: High speed weight transfer, staying ahead of the slide.
  • Advanced left-foot braking
  • High speed corner entry
  • Advanced weight transfer
  • Fancy footwork: Scandinavian Flick
  • Rally line
  • Driving what you see
  • Dynamic slalom: linking together complex corners
  • Emergency lane change: Vehicle dynamics and reaction timing
  • Infield Rallycross stage. Pick up the speed, add in dynamic, multi-apex corners.
  • Classroom pendulum turn preparation
  • Pendulum turn / Scandinavian Flick exercise.
  • Rally stage hot laps! Link it all together over the crests, dips, bumps, and jumps on our intermediate rally stage.


It's like adult summer camp only way better.

Whether it's a bachelor or bachelorette party, a weekend retreat with friends, product launch, or a 50-person corporate event, we guarantee to make your time at Rally Ready a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We can host groups from 5 to 50 for our training, and can custom tailor everything to your exact needs. Pancake breakfast, catered BBQ lunch from world famous Black's BBQ, live music, even custom tracks to show off your brand's special vehicles or products. You name it, we'll make it happen.

It is certainly possible to use our off-the-shelf classes to fit your event, but we enjoy tailoring each part of the day to fit your specific needs and help make it the perfect event. Contact us today for a quote, we're sure to be able to make something just right for your budget!

Bachelor Parties

Looking for the perfect guy’s weekend activity before the big day? Rally Ready is the perfect weekend adventure. Our Bachelor Party events are entirely customizable for the groom’s style, but a few days of sliding-sideways with his best friends is sure to prepare any groom for a walk down the aisle. Contact Us for available dates and for more information on coordinating Bachelor Party Events.

Corporate Events

We love hosting corporate events at the Rally Ranch! Being able to introduce an entire company to the crazy world of rally racing is something that we live for. Push the boundaries of your team’s comfort zone at Rally Ready. Your employees will discover skills and confidence that they didn’t know they had. We are able to accommodate large corporate events, Contact Us today to learn more about schedule availability and pricing or to schedule a time to come visit the Rally Ranch.

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