Corporate & Private Events

We will build you the most memorable and adrenaline filled event possible

Corporate Events

We excel at providing adrenaline fueled team building, client entertainment, company milestone events, holiday parties, and yearly kickoff events for groups of 10 up to 350. Let us design your next corporate off-site, conference, client appreciation/entertainment, holiday party, product launch, brand activation, team building or executive meetings.

Custom Groups

We create custom rally driving events for small to medium sizes groups. Whether it's a bachelor party, a group of friends, birthday celebration, or the next step in advancing you and your codriver's driving skills, we offer custom events that range from a quick Rally Experience, to a 2 hour Rally Clinic, up to a full or multi-day fully customizable Rally School Trainings.

Dream to Reality

Looking to launch or test your new products? Need a film location for your next project? The 140 private acres at the Rally Ranch includes multiple types of terrain for vehicle, drone, or promotional content creation. Our facility is designed with content in mind, we've shot multiple TV shows, commercials, and promotional materials for a multitude of clients. Reach out and let's dream something up!

Rally Festivals

The most fun a group can have in one day, anywhere. Perfect for large groups and can be fully customized to include awesome activities such as Rally Thrill Rides, Rally Driving Experiences, Raptor Jumping, Helicopter Rides, Close Quarters Combat (lead by active/retired Military), Mini Motorcycle Riding, Bronco Woods Adventures and much more. There's something for everyone and are the most memorable events humanly possible.

Rally Clinics

Only have half a day? Rally Clinics are rad for groups of 8-25 people and are about two hours. With a mix of classroom and in car instruction, each driver will learn the basics of rally driving, including 2 sessions each of straight line left-foot braking, figure 8 and slalom. After the driving, we can add on Thrill Rides, your client presentation along with some BBQ!!

Rally Experiences

Don't have a lot of time? Rally Experiences are perfect for a quick team building or client event. Each driver will get behind the wheel and drive for 3 laps on our infield rally stage. After their driving, they'll switch to the passenger seat where a professional driver will give them the ride of a life time at full pace! Most of our clients tend to add on a catered lunch and one of our shaded meeting spaces.

Contact us for Event Ideas!

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Contact us for Event Ideas!

Whether it's a bachelor or bachelorette party, a weekend retreat with friends, product launch, or a 350-person corporate event, we guarantee to make your time at Rally Ready a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We can host groups from 5 to 50 for our rally training, and can custom tailor everything to your exact needs. Pancake breakfast, catered BBQ lunch from world-famous Black's BBQ, warm chocolate chip cookies, live music, and we can build custom tracks to showcase your brand's special vehicles. We've even hosted many events for large scale product launches, product demos & testing, dealer trainings, and even photo & video content shoots for movies & TV. You name it, we'll make it happen.

It is certainly possible to use our off-the-shelf classes to fit your event, but we enjoy tailoring each part of the day to fit your specific needs and help make it the perfect event. Contact us today so that our team can design an event that is just right for your budget!

Texas Dave Talks Rally Ready Corporate Events

Q: What type of corporate events does Rally Ready offer?

Corporate events and corporate retreats are one of our favorite things at the Rally Ranch, because it gives us the ability to merge our culture and the culture of rally and motorsports as a whole into the culture of your company. We love to highlight the best of what your company has to offer, whether it's for your employees or your clients, and bring the Rally Ready flare to that. Whether it's doing trophy truck ride alongs, Jeep trail rides in the woods over our rock crawling and off-road course, or putting your employees or customers or clients behind the wheel of a rally car and giving them training, we love building these events and we can customize them to really any budget level.

Q: Who is the Rally Ready corporate event for?

Rally Ready corporate events are perfect for people looking for an adrenaline-filled fast-paced corporate event or retreat. If you're the kind of company that would like to go on an exotic hunt, or if you're looking for off-road racing, or if you're looking for a backpacking trip or some kind of extreme corporate event, this is a place where we can give you that same level of trauma bond. It’s as if you took your team to go hike Everest or on a crazy exotic international adventure without having to leave the comfort of staying at a W Hotel at night. The Rally Ready corporate events and retreats are built for any team regardless of their budget, that's looking for the highest impact, highest value connection for a team. We can offer C-level executive training and leadership training and team-building exercises all the way to just pure adrenaline thrill rides in race cars, rally cars, trophy trucks, and off-road vehicles.

Q: What is the timeframe of a typical corporate event?

Our corporate events can go anywhere as short as two hours up to two days or longer, they can include overnight stays or campouts. We can provide catered meals, barbecue, burgers, any kind of food requirements for your team that you'd like we can make it happen as well as any category and type of off-road vehicle and driving.

Q: What will people typically drive for a default corporate event?

Most corporate events are going to obviously include rally cars, as well as ride-alongs in our proper, fully caged and prepared professional rally cars, and often include the opportunity to ride in a trophy truck over a giant Baja style, Baja 1000 racecourse with big jumps. We'll teach people how to drift and we'll take them for safari-style ride-alongs in our Toyota Land Cruisers on our off-road course.

Q: What type of private events do you offer and who are they for?

Private events can be for anyone from one-on-one training for professional drivers or aspiring drivers up to group classes, whether it's a bachelor party, a birthday party, or just to get away for a group of friends. If you have a group of people and you're interested in a rally school or a racing school, we can provide a unique one-off event so that you can have an entire day or weekend experience with just your group of friends.

Q: What will the experience look like for somebody doing an event like that?

Private training or experiences are always going to be completely tailored to your group. If you're coming for a bachelor party, we can cater your meals, throw a party, start when you'd like and finish when you'd like, and make sure that the entire day is full of fun that's focused around your group or your bachelor. That can include lots of fun games and cars and one-off time trials and races, so we can see who can beat the groom.

If you're coming with a group of friends, similarly, we'll be able to provide the same scaled curriculum. You might have a group of friends who have all been experienced in motorsports in some way, so you may want a different pace of curriculum than you would normally get in a group class or the opposite. You may have a group of people, whether it's friends or colleagues, or whatever, who just are looking for a brand-new novice class, you've never driven any race cars, and you don't want to be in a group class, great. We can build your own class from scratch, and that can even include teaching you how to drive manual transmission, if you've never done that, all the way up to getting you comfortable going full speed in a rally car.

Q: If somebody wants to sign up for a corporate or private event, what does that process look like?

Signing up for a corporate event is unique because it requires that we build it from scratch for you. The best way to sign up for a corporate event is to send us an email through the contact form on the website or give us a phone call directly. One of our consultants will get you set up immediately with a quote and a calendar of when we're available.

Q: What else do you do beyond corporate events and rally training?

We do much more including managing marketing asset logistics for Formula 1 teams, Military & Government training, Membership, and we've done numerous TV/Movie/Commercial video shoots at the Rally Ranch. Rally Ready also builds lots of rally cars at our on-site fabrication and mechanic shop Hangar 304. Beyond that, we pride ourselves at being extremely good at providing all of our clients with top tier experiences, while providing limitless smiles.