1991 Mazda Miata For Sale - $2500

My first! This was my first Miata, and one of the first proper sports cars I ever owned. This was where I learned that I wasn't actually a hard top purist who wanted to bore everyone to death with my rants about "chassis rigidity" and "dynamics" and a bunch of other teenage internet garbage. 

Let's be honest here. Convertibles rule. Especially Miatas and S2000s where you can pretend you would have bought the hardtop but alas, it only comes in glorious "drop the top, crank the tunes, let the wind flow through my hair because my head is sticking up over the windshield" magic.

Anyways, this belonged to a good friend of mine and I bought it from her in.... 2010? I daily drove it for a couple years on and off and it's been retired for a while. I did manage to back it into a trailer at one point and the quarter panel has a big whack by the taillight. Sorry bout it.

It runs and drives and with a bumper, lots of elbow grease, a few hours with a porta power, and a new top or at least a new rear window, it's a decent little driver!

Come and get the old girl for $2500

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