2014 Subaru WRX - $6500

Before you get too excited, it needs an engine. We haven't done much diagnosis, but it came to me with a blown engine. So you'll have to plan for an EJ255 or, as we would do, the ol' faithful EJ20X.

Car is clean otherwise, except for JT's door on the left rear which we had to swap when his got dented during rally things and we had to borrow one from this car.

It's a great shell and we originally anticipated JT and Evan would need a spare shell so we scooped this as a backup for their rally program. But JT has behaved himself much better than anticipated so this has been sitting for a few years. 

Let it be your blank canvas! Or, even better, have the boys at Hangar 304 build you the rally car of your dreams. I'm attaching some photos of some other GRs we've built for inspiration. 

Hit us up and either drag this home and make it your problem, or leave it our problem and let's build your dream rally car.

Either way, get it on your books not mine!

$6500 and she's all yours.

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