1986 Porsche 944 Turbo Safari - $16,500

Ladies and gentleish men, may I introduce you to Sammy.

Originally, it was built for track days and road racing, and received all of the following in 2019

- New coolant reservoir and cap, water pump, cooling hoses.
- Braking system - turbo rotors and calipers, Pagid RS Orange pads, and ATE
Super Blue brake fluid.
- Spark plus, cap, rotors, wires.
- Full exhaust system including header, crossover, and 3” straight pipe.
- K26 turbo with #8 hot side (Turbo S).
- Clutch, master, and slave cylinders.
- Lindsay racing semi solid engine mounts.
- Rod bearings and oil pan gasket replaced.

In 2021, it was built for Rally Ranch duties and received the following:

New timing and balance shaft belts and service.
- Complete engine tune.
- New stainless steel fuel lines.
- New DEI fire sleeves for fuel lines.
- New Lindsay racing strut tower brace.
- New Lindsay racing lower chassis brace.
- Upsized 30mm rear torsion bar.
- New Maxxis Victra R19 205/65/R15 gravel tires (needs rears soon).
- New Braid 15”X7” Fullrace Acropolis rally wheels.
- New gravel damper Bilstein front struts
- New Fox 2.0 rear shocks and Racers Edge rear shock adapter kit.
- HVAC service (It’s Texas)
- Four-wheel alignment.
- Graphics Guys RR Graphics package.

To prep for sale, our boys right here at Hangar 304 performed the following:

Oil and filter service, Amsoil XL 10W-40 Synthetic
- Transmission and rear differential service with 75W-90 Amsoil Severe Gear
- Nut and Bolt torque check on suspension, motor mounts, brakes, etc. to
proper specifications.
- New battery wiring and terminals with Motorsports spec super flexible
battery cable (4 gauge), terminals, and battery kill switch.
- Repair fluid leaks at fuel rail and power steering reservoir.
- New mud flaps on all four corners.

She's all yours to keep here or take home for $16,500

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