Rally Ready 2 Day Rally School

Day 2 takes everything you learn in day 1 and adds high speed, finite weight transfer on a dynamic slalom. We finish the day with introduction and mastery of the pendulum turn or Scandinavian Flick. No, seriously, you can learn to Scandinavian Flick in two days!


-Advanced left-foot braking
-High speed corner entry
-Advanced weight transfer
-Fancy footwork: Scandinavian Flick
-Rally line
-Driving what you see


-Classroom recap of day 1, intro to day 2
-Static Slalom
-High speed and dynamic slalom
-Infield Rallycross stage.
Pick up the speed, add in dynamic, multi-apex corners.
-Classroom pendulum turn preparation
-Pendulum turn / Scandinavian Flick exercise.
-Pond Loop rally stage hot laps!
Link it all together over the crests, dips, bumps, and jumps on our pond loop rally stage.

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