Rally Ready Driving School

Rally Ready 2 Day Rally School

2 Day Rally School

Our 2-Day Rally School includes all the same lessons as our 1-Day Rally School on day 1 and adds new skills, higher speeds, and even more seat time. On day 2 you'll take everything you learned on day 1 and add high speed weight transfer on a dynamic slalom. We finish the day with introduction and mastery of the pendulum turn/Scandinavian Flick. No, seriously, you can learn to Scandinavian Flick in two days!


-Classroom introduction to rallying, share your experience and goals so we can tailor the program to suit.

-Classroom discussion of vehicle dynamics and rally driving.

-Left-foot braking fundamentals

-Proper hand position

-Rally vision

-Aquarium Technique

-Rally weight transfer techniques

-Straight line braking: traction sensing and threshold braking

-Skidpad: Finding, reducing and eliminating understeer.

-Figure 8: Weight transfer, corner exit and corner entry.

-Slalom: High speed weight transfer, staying ahead of the slide.

-Advanced left-foot braking

-High speed corner entry

-Advanced weight transfer

-Fancy footwork: Scandinavian Flick

-Rally line

-Driving what you see

-Dynamic slalom: linking together complex corners

-Emergency lane change: Vehicle dynamics and reaction timing

-Infield Rallycross stage. Pick up the speed, add in dynamic, multi-apex corners.

-Classroom pendulum turn preparation

-Pendulum turn / Scandinavian Flick exercise.

-Rally stage hot laps! Link it all together over the crests, dips, bumps, and jumps on our intermediate rally stage.

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