We've got a whole season of rally sprints coming up this year, check out the event calendar below!

If you missed the inaugural "Do it for Dale" Rally Sprint, dont worry!

more sprints coming in 2023!

So be ready to come on out to the Rally Ranch for all the jumping, gravel chucking, dirt destroying action you can handle. Our Rally Sprint series is sanctioned by the American Rally Association and showcases all the action and thrills of stage rally but in a WAY more spectator friendly format!

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Rally Ready Rally Sprint Spectator Pass
Rally Ready Rally Sprint Spectator Pass

Rally Ready Rally Sprint Spectator Pass

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Book Your Rally Sprint Spectator Pass Now

We're super stoked to announce the Rally Ranch Classic Rally Sprint! The Rally Ranch Classic is part of our new Rally Sprint series sanctioned by the American Rally Association, and is the first of four Rally Sprint events we'll be hosting in 2023. Come watch Rally Cars rip through our facility and over the sick new jumps we added! Spectators passes are free, and we encourage everyone to carpool as parking is very limited and must be purchased separately.

You can upgrade your free spectator ticket to add on site parking, a Rally Ready swag bag, a ride along with one of the Rally Sprint drivers during shakedown, or even go for a VIP helicopter tour of the race! Helicopter rides and on site parking are extremely limited so grab em if you want em!

  • Spectator pass: grants you entry to the event, this is mainly so we can track and prepare for attendees.
  • On site event parking: you must have a parking pass if you plan to drive to the event and park here.  We have extremely limited parking spaces so please carpool.  You only need one parking pass per vehicle so turn that mother into a clown car and bring all your friends/random hitchhikers.
  • Rally Ready Swag Bag: You’ll get a custom Rally Ready baggie, a shirt of your choice, a lanyard for your keys (or vape pen if you’re a Subaru enthusiast), and a 3 sticker pack.
  • Shakedown thrill ride: This pass is good for a ride along with one of the competitors in their race car while they do a shakedown lap to test out the car, course, etc.  It's your chance to ride in a real race car on the actual track that the drivers will be racing on and see what rally is all about.
  • VIP Helicopter ride: Get to da chopppaaaahhhh! I mean, do I even need to describe this? You get to ride in a helicopter. Over a race track. While cars are racing.  We’ve done it, it's insane.

    driver registration

    Driver/competitor registration is through the American Rally Association (ARA). Please click on the link below to get your ARA license and register for the event.

    ARA Driver Registration

    the rally ranch

    304 Blue Jay Rd

    Dale, TX 78616

    Hours by appointment only. Contact us if you'd like to schedule a visit.

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