Rally Ready RallySprint Spectator Pass
Rally Ready RallySprint Spectator Pass

Rally Ready RallySprint Spectator Pass

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We're super stoked to announce our 2024 dates for the Roadrunner Cup!  Come watch Rally Cars rip through our facility and over the sick new jumps we added!  Spectators passes are free, and we encourage everyone to carpool as parking is very limited and must be purchased separately. 

If you missed the Rally Ranch Classic, make sure you come out on April 27th for Rally Austin, presented by Austin Subaru! of 2024.  Later in the year, we'll have the Lost Pines on October 26th and Do it for Dale, TX on December 14th.

Upgrade your spectator pass to include the following!:

  • Spectator pass: grants you entry to the event, this is mainly so we can track and prepare for attendees.
  • On site Event Parking: Parking passes are required, if you plan on driving to the event and park here.  
  • Rally Ready Swag Bag: You’ll get a custom Rally Ready baggie, a shirt of your choice, a lanyard for your keys, and a 3 sticker pack.

Where is the RallySprint?:  

Rally Ready Driving School: 304 Blue Jay Rd. Dale, TX 78616

What's the Schedule?:

Saturday Schedule: Gates will open at 9am for spectators, with rally action from 9:30am-1pm, and also from 1pm to 5pm!  We'll have a food vendor on-site and exclusive merch available for purchase! 

8am-10am - Tech Inspection Opens

8am-9am - Recce

9am - Driver's meeting @ the staging area

10am - Publication of Start Order

10:15am - Leg 1 Start FCO

1pm - Service & Lunch

2pm - Leg 2 Start FCO

5pm - Provisional Scores

5:15pm - Awards Ceremony / Podium @ Clubhouse

5:30pm - Band Playing! 

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    Second time I've visited, both times have been fantastic. Looking forward to coming back and trying out the actual school at some point.

    Brody Casler
    Houston, TX

    If you're going to take one driving school in your life it should be a rally school. The techniques you learn here are applicable to snowy days, rainy days, icy conditions, etc. That stands whether you're into driving or not. If you ARE a driving enthusiast, this will be some of the most exciting and informative days of your life.

    On day 2, we were bouncing around a fast corner while drifting a Subaru and the instructor is saying "more gas, more gas." I recommend doing the 2-day class. One day one you learn a lot of techniques on a cone course but day 2 is when you start to solidify those lessons in your brain and get to apply them on some really exciting terrain. Also, everyone on staff are kind, the landscape is gorgeous, and there's dogs. Top to bottom it's one of my favorite places on Earth.

    Zack Klapman 
    Los Angeles, CA

    The experience was amazeballs!!! The staff was super sweet and the cars are awesome. I will definitely be back.

    Samantha Hornsby

    Just finished a two-day course here this past weekend. Perhaps the most bang-for-your-buck fun I've had anywhere. Dave, Rob and the rest of the instructors make the experience totally fun, enjoyable, and non-intimidating. It seems like an overwhelming amount of information to take on in such a short amount of time (and honestly they will be the first ones to tell you that it is), but the instructors are all super patient and fun and their attitude makes you want to just keep trying and trying again. It's like being told the way you know how to drive a car is completely wrong and you need to re-learn everything all at once...but it's a total blast while you're doing it.

    And honestly, even with all the great fun you'll have throwing around rally cars in the dirt, the best part for me what just the sense of camaraderie and community the people at RR have built there. I would honestly be just as happy going down there to hang out and talk with all the great guys and just chill out. The culture is so fun and inviting.

    Yes it's a little pricey, but it's totally worth saving up for the experience. (They do a great job on their site of explaining why it's worth it...and it is). I totally want to do it again and try some of their other class offerings sometime...but also just to spend time with a great group of people (and dogs!)

    Just remember though...the tomatoes are store-bought. :)

    Eric Bui
    Austin, TX

    Ready up your helmets and rally your heart out. I bought the Rally Experience for my dad and they allowed me to ride passenger. You get 3 laps on the track. The staff is incredible, amazing hospitality, and all the pups. We had too much fun on them dirt roads. Jordan gave us a quick drive how a real pro drives. Dad and I were giddy like little girls, laughing and amazed how much fun it is. This is the school to learn to drive like a pro.

    Slavica Visa Visic
    Houston, TX

    The nicest people running a super fun experience for everyone, even those who have merely thought about getting into a manual car to drive around a dirt track! I had such a great time with my 3 laps, I booked another 3 laps and they kindly fitted me in! If that gives you a taste, I highly recommend the rally driving classes, they are all very knowledgeable and it's an awesome time unlearning all your driving habits and being taught new ones! I did the 1 day school a few years ago and a lot of the stuff stuck with me. Very fun day, you learn a lot, you get fed AND there's lots of cute dogs to pet! What more could you ask for??? They even have an off road track to bring your truck to, which looked wild!

    Angelique Evans

    Great experience. I reccomend at least a full day experience and longer if possible. So glad I went. The instructors taught me so much that seemed so foreign to my thinking. It's really such an advantage for anybody thinking about rally type racing. I would go back again. Thanks, Rob, Chad, Jordan and Shauna. You each really made a difference in my driving. And FUN too!

    Ro Yale
    Los Angeles, CA

    It is a great facility to experience this type of Motorsport for any for all levels of experience. Great and wonderful/friend staff. It’s always a pleasure and positive environment

    Chan Le

    I did a one day class with Rally Ready and wish I had done more. I expected to learn some technical driving skills and learn some new things - which I certainly did. I didn't expect to have such a great time! I'm not a car guy and don't have an interest in motor sports but this was an addictivly fun time! I also didn't expect to meet such a wonderful group of easy going, friendly and nice folks. These are the kind of people you'd like to just spent some time with beyond their clear and obvious driving skills. I've had the privilege of having some excellent instructors teach me things that were challenging and stressful so I have a high bar for good instructors. These folks knock the ball out of the park. Their clear explanations, attention to how an individual student thinks, makes mistakes and can correct, needs some guidance at just the right time and also needs the freedom to run a bit to improve their skills is just amazing. If you're on the fence about trying these guys out I really think you should give it a go! It sets the standard for fun.

    Cort Dougan
    Austin, TX

    Recently viewed

    Texas Dave Talks The Rally Experience

    Tell me about Rally Ready’s Rally Experience option.

    The rally experience is your opportunity to drive a real rally car on a rally stage for less than three hundred dollars. For $249, you get to drive three laps in one of our Subaru WRX rally cars around our infield rally stage here at the Rally Ranch

    Once you've completed your three laps behind the driver's seat, you'll swap with one of our instructors and our pro rally drivers who will take you on a ride-along and show you the limit of the cars on the same rally stage. You'll get an understanding of what is the pace of a real rally driver in the same car you just drove and that'll help you understand what level you can aspire to when you join us for rally training and one of our rally school classes.

    Q: Who is the rally experience for?

    The rally experience is for anybody who has ever been interested in driving a race car or a rally car. No prerequisites, no experience required. It's for literally anybody on earth who has a hundred bucks and wants to drive a race car.

    Q: Does the rally experience make a good gift?

    The rally experience is one of the best gifts possible because even if you don't understand or know what a rally car is, anybody who has gotten in a rally car and driven as fast as they can on a dirt rally stage like this, it's a life-changing once in a lifetime bucket list experience. It's incomparable with any other gift you can get for a hundred bucks.

    Q: What will I be driving in a Rally experience?

    Anybody who signs up for the rally experience will be driving one of our Subaru WRX rally cars. They are wrapped much like my own WRX STI rally car that I compete in the ARA national championship with. This is a turbo all-wheel-drive rally car with rally suspension on a proper rally stage.

    Q: Where's the rally experience located?

    The rally experience is here at the Rally Ranch, which is just outside of Austin, Texas in Dale, Texas at the Rally Ready driving school.

    The Rally Ranch is 15 minutes from Circuit of the Americas (COTA), which is America's home for Formula One and MotoGP.